Integrated Semantics is developing open source RIA / web applications and application frameworks for ECM, BI, and Semantic Technologies. Multi-platform desktop and multi-platorm mobile development supported from common code-bases. Both HTML5 and Flex development will be supported. The applications / frameworks will span the spectrum of enterprise data areas:

  • Unstructured / Semi-Structured (ECM, Alfresco, CMIS, collaboration, social, knowlege management, workflow, WCM, JCR, XML)
  • Structured (BI, analytics, OLAP, reporting, dashboards, visualization, ETL)
  • Semantic (semantic web, linked data, RDF, SPARQL, OWL, taxonomies, ontologies)
  • Combinations of these areas (semantic search, semantic dashboards, semantic wiki, semantic knowlege management, semantic social / collaboration, WCM for semantic web sites, portals/portlets, mashups/composites, BPM, semantic information integration, EII).

FlexSpaces for Alfresco (Flex based version available, Flex mobile AIR version coming soon, HTML5 port planned)

CMIS Spaces screenshot
CMIS Spaces for content servers supporting the CMIS standard (Flex based version available, Flex mobile AIR version coming soon, HTML5 port planned)

FlexSpaces Mobile and CMIS Spaces Mobile
FlexSpaces Mobile and CMIS Spaces Mobile for iPad and Android tablets (in addition to existing desktop AIR, Flex in Browser, and portlet versions)

FlexibleDashboard: Flex dashboard/portal for BI, charting, reporting, OLAP/XMLA pivotable grid, custom flex pods, html pods, etc. (Flex based version available, Flex mobile AIR version for tablets planned, HTML5 port planned)

Flexible Share
FlexibleShare: Flex dashboard/portal for content management, collaboration, BI (Flex based version available, Flex mobile AIR version for tablets planned, HTML5 port planned)

Available Support / Planned Support Roadmap:

Alfresco ECM / Workflow / WCM

  • Alfresco ECM  FlexSpaces provides integration with Alfresco ECM: enterprise content management, document management, collaboration, records management, knowledge management, web content management, imaging, and DAM.
  • FlexibleShare provides FlexSpaces functionality in a dashboard style UI along with added Flex UI for Alfresco Share backend: collaboration sites, document libraries, calendars, blogs, wikis, discussions.
  • Alfresco Workflow Both the previous Alfresco integration of jBPM and Alfresco 4.0 integration of Activiti are supported in FlexSpaces
  • Alfresco WCM FlexSpaces provides integration with Alfresco web content management
  • FlexSpaces+Browser  Flex + Browser client for Alfresco
  • FlexSpaces+AIR  Flex+AIR client for Alfresco
  • FlexSpaces Mobile for Android tablets and iOS / iPad (geared for tablets, can use on high res smartphones)
  • HTML5 ports of FlexSpaces planned
  • Provides support for document management and web content management
  • FlexSpaces did integrate with Alfresco based Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES2. CMIS Spaces does support Adobe CRX in Adobe LiveCycle ES3 via its CMIS APIs.
  • FlexSpaces portlets are available for Liferay, JBoss Portal, and GateIn
  • FlexSpaces application components / APIs can be used for customization and development of custom apps.

Alfresco Share Collaboration


  • CMIS Spaces integrates with content servers supporting the CMIS standard
  • CMIS Servers: Alfesco, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, IBM Content Manager, Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText, Nuxeo, Adobe (Day Software) CRX, etc.
  • Flex+AIR and Flex in browser versions of CMIS Spaces are available
  • CMIS Spaces portlet for Liferay is available in Liferay catalog.
  • CMIS Spaces Mobile (Flex Mobile AIR) for Android tablets and iOS / iPad is coming soon
  • HTML5 port of CMIS Spaces is planned
  • IKS / Apache Stanbol tagging in CMIS Spaces applications planned.
  • CMIS support is planned for FlexibleShare, with drag/drop between pods browsing different kinds of repositories, combined search results
  • JCR content servers / WCM servers Support for Adobe (Day Software) CRX, Adobe CQ5, and other JCR based content servers / WCM servers is planned.
  • Adobe LiveCycle ES3 FlexSpaces did support LiveCycle Content Services ES2 (Alfresco based). CMIS Spaces does support Adobe CRX in Adobe LiveCycle ES3 via its CMIS APIs. Additional support for JCR / Sling APIs is planned.

BI, Dashboards, Reporting

  • FlexibleDashboard provides charting, reporting (BIRT/Actuate, JasperSoft JasperReports), and OLAP/XMLA pivotable grids/MDX query (Pentaho, Mondrian, IBM Infosphere Warehouse Cubing Services, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, etc.)
  • Mobile version of FlexibleDashboard for tablets is planned
  • HTML5 port of FlexibleDashboard is planned
  • Support for SPARQL queries of RDF store data and SPARQL endpoints as data sources for charting, visualization, grids, pivot grids, and reports in dashboards (planned)
  • Visualization and filtering of RDF graphs (planned)
  • Display and navigation of Linked Data and Linked Open Data (planned)
 Activiti BPM
  • In addition to support in FlexSpaces for Alfresco Activiti workflows, application support for Activiti BPM outside of the Alfresco workflow context is planned (HTML5 and Flex UI, processes for content, BI, and semantic areas)
Business Rules and Semantic Reasoners / Inference Rules


  • OpenCalais auto tagging available, open source IKS / Apache Stanbol tagging support planned
  • See Alfresco OpenCalais Integration and FlexSpaces
  • See Alfresco Share UI for Alfresco OpenCalais Integration
  • Additional Share UI for IKS / Apache Stanbol in the works
  • IKS / Apache Stanbol support will also be added to FlexSpaces and FlexibleShare
  • Provides semantic auto-tagging, tag suggestion, tag management, semantic tag clouds, and semantic geo-tagged Google maps
  • FlexSpaces Mobile supports all the semantic featues of FlexSpaces desktop
  • FlexibleShare also supports FlexSpaces semantic features, planned Mobile version will too.
  • Additional Semantic features that go beyond FlexSpaces will be added to FlexibleShare as additional pods and to Alfresco Share as dashlets.
  • Planned HTML5 ports of FlexSpaces and FlexibleShare will also support the semantic features.
  • Support for tagging with CMIS repositories is planned
  • Alfresco Share Collaboration: semantic tagging support within Share blogs, wikis, etc planned.
  • Support management of ontologies, taxonomies using semantic web / linked-data technologies:  RDF, OWL is planned
  • Semantic search, semantic faceted search support is planned
  • WCM would allow semantic metadata to flow into internal and public websites enabling them with linked-data / semantic web support (planned)
  • IKS / Apache Stanbol: Broad support for Apache Stanbol as a semantic platform is planned
  • RDF Stores / Triple Stores: Various triple stores will be supported: Jena TDB, Jena SDB on top of relational databases, OpenLink Virtuoso, Sesame, AllegroGraph, Oracle, etc.
  • Support for integration of structured, unstructured, and semantic information with SPARQL query of integrated RDF is planned

Client Architecture

  • Both HTML5/JavaScript/CSS and Flex/ActionScript based application development supported
  • HTML5 running in desktop browser, desktop AIR app, mobile browser, or mobile PhoneGap app
  • Flex running in desktop browser with Flash, desktop AIR app, or mobile AIR app
  • Currently using Adobe Flex 4.6 and plan to support Apache Flex when released
  • For Flex, Spring ActionScript is used for configuration and DI. Plan to migrate to use Spring ActionScript / AS3 Commons EventBus and eliminate use of Cairngorm 2.x
  • The Flex code uses the presentation model / MVVM pattern
  • For HTML5/JavaScript/CSS currently plan to use YUI along with some framework(s) for presentation model pattern, data binding, and templating.
  • Also plan to use Jangaroo and/or Falcon JS to translate AS3 to JavaScript. This will allow some code sharing with Flex code-base. Using AS3 also allows type checking at compile time in an IDE and supports more object oriented programming. Plan to use Jangaroo EXML approach and tooling to provide some sort of MXML like XML declarative layout
  • Plan to support custom app server side Java for non interactive business logic and data source handling. Groovy with and without Grails optionally could be used..
  • FlexibleDashboard already has support for Spring ActionScript configurable / injected data sources: have BlazeDS (Remote Object, XML REST, and Soap) support currently, will add non BlazeDS RESTful data source support too. Custom app server side Java and/or Groovy would be callable thru BlazeDS and/or regular REST from Flex clients with configurable data sources. JavaScripts clients can call REST and HTML5 WebSockets. JavaScript support for HTTP AMF is currently only available in LiveCycle Data Services ES3 (no open source HTTP AMF for JavaScript currently).
  • FlexSpaces curently calls custom Alfesco webscripts written in JavaScript returning XML. Plan to add support for returning JSON to these webscripts and also add some additional webscripts in Java. Adding BlazeDS / AMF binary over HTTP with Alfresco is also planned for FlexSpaces.

App Server and Cloud Deployment

  • Java Application Servers (Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, etc.): The clientside HTML5/JS/CSS and/or clientside compiled Flex/Flash SWFs/SWCs are deployed in the app server (for in browser clients, not for AIR). Ideally for AIR, would want to support runtime plug-able modules coming from the app server so that AIR clients don't have to be updated on desktops.
  • Java jars and/or Groovy files for any custom data sources / business logic along with BlazeDS/AMF runtime jars would need to be deployed in the app server. If Grails optional support is used, it would need to be deployed in the app server. OSGi may be required for certain things (Apache Stanbol).
  • Cloud: The applications can be deployed in clouds supporting Java application servers.